Women’s Prize for Fiction 2021 – My Winner

Cherie Jones, How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House (Tinder Press: 2021, 9781472268778)

Having read the shortlist, I have a firm winner: How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps her House by Cherie Jones.

I have already showered it with well-deserved praise here, so I will just reiterate that the novel reads like an instant classic. The writing is remarkably assured, with a distinctive voice that is solemn and lyrical but also matter-of-fact, restrained and, at times, joyful. It’s the stuff literary prowess is made of.

The setting and characters are evocative and well-developed, but what elevates the novel even further is how Jones captures the core of what makes her subjects universal.

My favourite read of the year so far, I highly recommend How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps her House.

I leave you with an illustration inspired by the Barbadian novel of the year:

By Wilmar

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